At MCBS, students have opportunities to delve into their passions and hone their leadership abilities through various clubs and extracurricular activities

Your participation in student groups at the college is vital for enriching the MCBS community. As you strive to enhance your journey, we are dedicated to supporting you and your clubs in reaching your potential. Whether it’s fostering growth, fostering teamwork, embracing diversity, or acquiring knowledge, we are committed to helping you create unforgettable experiences this year. Each year, a diverse range of student clubs are available on campus for all students, ranging from the Environment Club to the Media Club, which are newly established clubs exclusive to MCBS departments or academic programs.

Join an MCBS Student Club Today!

All MCBS student clubs can be found in the MCBS Eduportal, which serves as a hub for clubs recognized by the Modern College of Business and Science. The Eduportal enables students to connect with club leaders online directly and assists club leaders in managing memberships and finances. All MCBS students can access Eduportal by logging in using your MCBS email.

Another excellent opportunity to explore clubs within the College is through the Student Club Orientation held at the start of each Fall and Spring semester.

Would you prefer speaking with someone face to face?

Visit our Student Affairs Department on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. when the college is in session to connect with the Student Club Coordinator. Students in a club can contact for assistance and advice on their club-related endeavors.

Learn more about student clubs & organizations

African Students' Union Club

AI & Machine Learning Club

Alumni Club

Art Therapy Club

Arts & Crafts Club

Astronomy Club

Aviation Club

Book Club

Charity Club

Coding Club

Commercial Law Club

Community Service and Outreach Club

Computing Club

Cryptocurrency Club

Database Management Club

Debate Club

Diversity and Inclusion Club

DIY and Maker's Club

Economics Club

Emergency Response and First Aid Club

English Club

Entrepreneurship Club

Environment Club

Ethical Hacking and Security Club

Ever thinkers Philosophy Club

Film Production Club

Fine Arts and Calligraphy Club

Football Club

Graphic Design and Illustration Club

History Club

HSE Forum - Health and Safety Guild Club

Human Rights Advocacy Club

IEEE Information Security Club

International Club


Language Club

Leadership and Management Club

Marketing Club

Math Club

Media Hub - Photographic Club

Meditation and Mindfulness Club

Mental Health Club

Model United Nations Club

Music Club

Nutrition and Healthy Living Club

Performing Arts Club

Poetry Club

Public Speaking Club

Reading Club (Jalees)

Renewable Energy Club

The Anime Club

The Logistics Club

Wellness Club

Women Empowerment Club

Youth Club