MCBS Library

MCBS Library is the ultimate online resource for students, faculty, and staff at our esteemed college. Our website is designed to provide easy access to a wide range of library services, resources, and information, catering to the diverse academic needs of our college community. Whether you’re seeking research materials, studying for exams, or simply looking for a quiet place to read, our library is here to support your educational journey.

The Library provides access to information in electronic, print, audiovisual, and multimedia formats. Its principal mission is to provide high-quality educational and personal services and it is committed to developing collections in support of the present and future teaching and research objectives. The library is open during regular teaching hours. Students can also reserve study spaces and group study rooms provided by the Library.

MCBS Library Catalogue (OPAC)

The catalog provides a comprehensive search interface where users can search for books, periodicals, e-books, and other physical and digital resources available in the library’s collection. Advanced search options are available to refine the search results.

Users can access these resources both on-campus and remotely by logging in with their college credentials.

Resources available in the library include:

  • General and course-related books that may be borrowed by students and staff
  • Reference books for use in the library
  • Local and international newspapers in print and online
  • Magazines and journals on a wide variety of topics
  • Online access to journals and magazines
  • E-books, online documents and reports