Student Center for Excellence

The Student Center for Excellence is the academic support arm of the Modern College of Business and Science which monitors and facilitates all academic activities that can enrich the entire college experience of students. This also serves as a hub where students’ knowledge, skills, talents, and potential are developed and tapped through various and meaningful co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In addition, the Center is equipped with resources and facilities that can encourage communication, collaboration, and creativity.


To be an inclusive space for academic support services of MCBS and a sustainable venue to develop students’ academic excellence, creativity, innovation, and collaboration.



To provide opportunities for MCBS students to engage in various academic activities that can enrich their knowledge and competency, grow holistically, and be empowered to make an impact globally.


Services Offered

The peer tutoring program is a tutoring support service given to MCBS students who need guidance with a course, or courses are currently enrolled in. The sessions are run by paid and volunteer peer tutors who are mostly taking their major courses and have received a minimum of B+ grade in the course they are tutoring.


These are classes specially designed to give academic assistance to students in the Foundation Program who failed in a course/s more than one time and for those who are struggling to meet the learning outcomes during a semester. The service is run once a week for each course in a smaller group, and they are taught by Full-time CEAP faculty members.


These activities are organized to complement the academic curricula of the different programs. It aims to enhance and enrich classroom learning by applying learned concepts in different activities such as competitions, trainings and workshops, exhibitions, etc not only within MCBS, but it also extends student engagement and collaboration with different HEIs locally or internationally.


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