Research Strategy at MCBS

The Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) has implemented a strategic approach to research planning and management that aligns with its institutional classification, mission and vision. The research activities are guided by the college’s research strategy, which sets out the key areas of research focus and outlines the processes for research planning, funding, and monitoring.

The strategic plan includes a perspective on Research, development, and consultancy which is elaborated into goals, objectives, and key performance indicators. The plan is further elaborated into an operational plan where implementing steps are identified.

The strategic goals for research, development and consultancy are mainly focusing on the following goals:

  • Research and Consultancy Performance
  • Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination Among Stakeholders
  • IP & Research Ethics
  • Partnership in Research & Consultancy
  • Research Infrastructure, Capacity and Culture
  • Sustainable Research Funding and Commercialization of Innovations

The management structure of the college ensures that roles and responsibilities related to research and consultancy are clear and well-defined. The management of research and consultancy activities are overseen by the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research (ADPSR) who reports directly to the Dean.

Committees & Working Groups

Most research and consultancy are expected to take place under the supervision of ADPSR, the Associate Dean for Community Outreach (ADCO), and the Director of the Academy.

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