The mission at Modern College of Business & Science is to master and promote  innovative research, scholarship, creativity, and benefit to society.

MCBS is a vibrant and forward-thinking college. At MCBS, we are committed to fostering a culture of research and innovation. As an institution that prides itself on being young and dynamic, we recognize the pivotal role that research plays in our journey towards becoming a distinguished university. With a strong focus on investing in research, we are dedicated to nurturing a thriving academic environment that propels our institution and its students to new heights.

The Research office supports the Modern College of Business and Science’s Strategic Plan by building interdisciplinary research partnerships that address societal needs and by increasing the impact and importance of MCBS research.

MCBS’s Priorities for Research

  • Investing in Research
  • Fostering a Culture of Research
  • Engaging Student Researchers
  • Driving Innovation and Impact
  • Towards University Status

 Investing in Research

At MCBS, we firmly believe that research is the cornerstone of academic growth and societal progress. As part of our strategic vision, we have placed a significant emphasis on investing in research initiatives. By providing substantial resources and a supportive research infrastructure, we aim to cultivate an environment conducive to groundbreaking discoveries and intellectual exploration.

Fostering a Culture of Research

MCBS prides itself on cultivating a culture that values and encourages research among its faculty and students. Through mentorship programs, research grants, and interdisciplinary collaborations, we empower our scholars to delve into diverse areas of inquiry. By fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, we seek to ignite intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking, and nurture a passion for exploration.

Engaging Student Researchers

Recognizing the immense potential of our student body, we actively involve them in our research endeavors. At MCBS, we view students as partners in the pursuit of knowledge and encourage their active engagement in research projects. Through research programs, workshops, seminars, conferences, internships, and research-oriented coursework, we provide our faculty and the students with opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research and gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Driving Innovation and Impact

By investing in research, MCBS aims to drive innovation and make a positive impact on society and OMAN vison 2040. We are dedicated to promoting research that addresses real-world challenges, fosters technological advancements, contributes to sustainable development, Logistic, and Economic. Our research efforts extend beyond the boundaries of academia, as we seek to forge strong collaborations with industry, government agencies, and community partners to translate our findings into practical solutions in OMAN.

Towards University Status

As MCBS continues its journey towards university status, our commitment to research remains unwavering. We understand that a strong research foundation is vital in establishing ourselves as a renowned institution of higher learning. By continuously investing in research, promoting a research-oriented culture, and engaging our students and faculty in cutting-edge inquiry, we are laying the groundwork for a future where MCBS stands as a beacon of academic excellence.

MCBS is dedicated to fostering a culture of research and innovation. Through our investments in research, collaborative partnerships, and student engagement, we are cultivating a dynamic academic environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and promotes societal impact. With a steadfast commitment to research, MCBS is poised to realize its vision of becoming a distinguished university, making significant contributions to knowledge and the betterment of society.

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