Department of Student Affairs

At MCBS, we strive to provide a best-in-class student experience.

Our team in Student Affairs helps create an environment where you can study, enrich talent, make new friends, develop lifelong habits of well-being, and where you will thrive! We want you to engage with your peers and with your college, to create an experience where you can learn and grow.

Our student-run clubs make it easy to explore and expand your interests while building a community.

The Student Affairs department consists of the following departments:

  • Student Services
  • Student Counseling
  • Student Activities Section
  • International Students Section
Student Services and Student Counseling Department:

The department is concerned with providing social and psychological care through counseling and guidance, whether it is academic or social and psychological counseling, through the following tasks:
  • Communicate with the departments to justify the acceptable absence
  • Issuing warnings in accordance with the attendance and departure regulations
  • Issuing a list of administrative withdrawal for students whose absence is 25%
  • Provides psychological, social, and academic counseling for students
  • Dealing with various complaints, responding to them, and following them up with the Deanship.

College is More than Just the Classroom

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