Campus Facilities

MCBS is known for its lively student community, where students from various backgrounds unite and foster connections while growing personally. Students can enjoy the outdoor areas, attend campus events, or find a comfortable spot in the Recreation Room to unwind. At MCBS, we prioritize student well-being and encourage a healthy balance between academic and personal life. The campus is more than just a venue for creating unforgettable memories. It serves as a platform where students from various backgrounds converge to form meaningful connections, providing many opportunities for personal growth. Whether students are enjoying the beautiful outdoor areas, attending campus events, or simply finding a cozy corner in our Recreation Room to relax, MCBS provides an environment that promotes balance and rejuvenation while supporting individual well-being.

The Dining Hall at MCBS creates a world-renowned culinary experience within the prestigious halls of the campus. We have two exceptional restaurants, a coffee house, and a rejuvenating juice bar, all offering a journey of unparalleled sophistication. The Dining Hall is the perfect place to take a break between academic engagements or to leisurely indulge in culinary delights with friends. Each item on the menu is carefully crafted with a commitment to culinary mastery and attentive service, ensuring that every individual feels appreciated.

MCBS has a campus bookstore that serves as a projector of intellectual enrichment. With a vast collection of scholarly tomes, literary treasures, stationery essentials, and college merchandise here, the bookstore is a sanctuary for the mind, where one can peruse the latest academic publications or delve into classic literature. The knowledgeable staff is always there to facilitate scholarly pursuits. Our aim is to ensure students stay updated on curated selections, as the bookstore endeavors to enrich their academic journey through the written word.

The Recreation Room at MCBS is a sociable haven amidst the busy academic environment. It is a welcoming space within our prestigious institution that appeals to students who are looking for relaxation or companionship while pursuing their intellectual pursuits. The Recreation Room provides an environment that is conducive to social interaction, whether students prefer to engage in solitary contemplation, group discussions, or recreational activities. With ergonomic furnishings and high-speed connectivity, the Recreation Room is a hub of community bonding and intellectual exchange.

MCBS strives to meet the diverse religious needs of our student body by providing inclusive accommodations for religious observance. Within our premises, we have dedicated prayer rooms for Muslims to perform their prayers in a peaceful and serene environment. In addition to this, we also acknowledge the different faith traditions of our students, and therefore, a church situated just 5 kilometers away from our campus extends its warm welcome to students of Christian denomination. At MCBS, we believe in embracing a culture of tolerance and reverence and promoting a positive environment where individuals of all religious affiliations are treated with dignity and respect.

At MCBS, we prioritize the overall well-being of our students and staff, and it remains our topmost concern. We have our own in-house clinic that is staffed by an experienced healthcare professional who is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care and guidance.

Furthermore, Muscat Private Hospital, a well-known hospital situated only 700 meters away from our premises, is recognized for its excellent medical care and compassion.


At MCBS, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and convenient lodging experience to our students. The two renowned affiliations, The Myriad and Muscat Hostels, offer customized accommodations that cater to the discerning needs of our student community. The accommodations are designed to prioritize comfort, convenience, and security, and come with a variety of options such as communal rooms and private quarters. In addition, our affiliated hostels provide access to reliable transportation services at competitive rates, ensuring hassle-free transit to and from the campus.

The Myriad Muscat (pdf)

The Support Center for Minorities at MCBS aims to offer an inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for the students on campus. The mission is to ensure that every student is and feels valued, welcomed, and supported throughout their time at MCBS. We offer services such as personalized academic advising, community building opportunities, as well as wellness resources that include counselling services, and resources that allow for students to embark on a seamless academic journey.

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