BTEC International Level 3 in Information Technology

BTEC International Level 3 offers learners aged 16 and above the knowledge, understanding, and skills that they need to prepare for a career or continue in further education. The demand for workforce skills is increasing and the need for global certification in technical and vocational areas is growing. BTEC qualifications are uniquely placed to respond to these skills gaps by providing practical skills assessment and up-to-date career-focused education in traditional and emerging sectors it is also recognized by the Ministry of Education as 3 A ‘levels which is also equal to grade 12.

BTEC courses provide a solid grounding in all aspects of IT, from building computer systems and programming through digital animation, data modeling, cyber security, social media, web development, app development, AI & robotics. You will be putting theory into practice with practical tasks and tests.

Why BTEC International Level 3?

  • Available in a range of sectors for learners who wish to explore a work-related qualification or specific industry area. 
  • Offers learners industry knowledge, transferable skills, and behaviors to prepare them for a career or to continue education.
  • Flexible and modular course structure to fit in with existing curriculum requirements.
  • Delivered to schools and colleges in 50 countries.

Program Structure

BTEC Level 3 requires 4 semesters for 1 year and 4 months.

Total credits: 180 (1080 Guided Learning Hours)

Program delivery: 40-50 credits per semester

    • A recognized 10th-grade original certificate.
    • Students joining MCBS must go through an English placement test to determine the appropriate English level before joining BTEC Program.
    • Students must bring copies of their civil ID and passport.
    • Students must bring 2 passport-size photos.


1080 GLH/ 180 credits

Course NameCredit Value
Semester 1
Information Technology, System20
Creating System to Manage Information 15
Using Social Media in Business15
Semester 2
Programming 15
Data Modelling10
IT Project Management15
Cyber Security and Incident Management20
Semester 3
Website Development10
Mobile Apps Development 10
IT Technical Support10
Semester 4
Computer games Development10
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence10
Introduction to Robotics10
Enterprises in IT10

Upon successful completion of the Level 3 BTEC in IT, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities in the IT industry.

Additionally, students can choose to further their education by enrolling in higher-level IT programs, pursuing specialized certifications, or gaining a university degree in IT-related fields like computer science software engineering, information security and data science.

Careers in this sector include:

  • Application development
  • Cybersecurity & Risk Management
  • Hardware Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Multimedia
  • Programming
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Support

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