Welcome to Community Outreach

The Department for Community Outreach (DCO) is MCBS’s hub for community outreach, volunteering, and service-learning opportunities in Muscat and beyond. Being part of the Muscat community is an important part of the student experience at MCBS, and DCO is where students come to connect.

In the spirit of giving back, we engage community partners, faculty, staff, and students to create meaningful social change. The Department aims to leverage resources, build capacity, and incubate community initiatives in Muscat, and beyond.


The Office of Community Engagement and Outreach has created different ways to reach out and provide education to the community. This has been done through seminars, workshops, and online trainings. The purpose of this is to provide knowledgeable information and resources to the community, in an easy-to-understand way.

The department of Community Outreach helps to fulfill MCBS’s commitment to the common good in the Muscat region and beyond. The department supports the college’s vision; facilitates and develops relationships with community organizations, industries, and civic organizations and strengthens the college’s partnership with our neighbors.

The Associate Dean of Community Outreach, provides support for faculty members and staff, mentoring and support to students and prospective students to develop and engage in community-based programs, service-learning activities.

Our Initiatives

The DOC seeks to nurture existing partnerships, incubate new community-based initiatives, and foster connections between MCBS and the community. We have a specific focus in four areas:

  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Economic Empowerment (women empowerment etc.)
  • Sustainability
  • Volunteer Coordination


Building capacity in schools, neighborhoods, and organizations to encourage lifelong learning and consistent educational outcomes for all students in Oman.

Health and Human Services

Impacting health outcomes in Muscat and beyond through access or hosting workshops and awareness, and sustainable drives.

Economic Empowerment

Assisting neighborhoods, organizations, and nonprofits to provide development programs, and community projects building startups etc.


MCBS encourages discussions and activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promotion and serves as a benchmark for other sectors of the economy.

Volunteer Coordination

We connect students, faculty, and staff with volunteer opportunities that match their skills, interests, and passions. By encouraging active participation in community service, we empower individuals to make a positive impact and cultivate a sense of social responsibility.

Impact and Benefits

The Community Engagement Department’s efforts result in a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders:

  • Students: Enhanced learning experiences, increased civic awareness, and improved employability skills.
  • Faculty and Staff: Opportunities for innovative teaching, research collaboration, and community involvement.
  • Community: Access to college resources, expertise, and support for community development initiatives.
  • College: Strengthened reputation, increased community relevance, and a sense of social responsibility ingrained in campus culture.

Below are a few of the activities initiated at the College:


We take on a wide range of projects that meet the following criteria and align with our mission. Projects must:

  • provide students with viable learning experiences in urban planning and design, citizen participation methods, and neighborhood revitalization
  • be community-based, problem-focused, and hands-on
  • offer our students the opportunity to inform and educate the public about critical community planning, revitalization, and development efforts
  • engage our students in gathering accurate, unbiased information and objective comparisons of alternative strategies and proposals
  • include opportunities for analysis, programming, planning, and design synthesis of urban environments

Our Past Projects include:

  • Toastmaster Club
  • Saving Lives: Blood Donation Drive
  • Cancer Awareness Program
  • AIESEC 3rd Gulf Leadership Conference
  • Youth Charitable Festival
  • TEDx Muscat
  • Football Institute at MCBS