Research and Scholarly Activities Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to promote a culture of research in the college and develop system and structure that support research productivity at MCBS for faculty and students through their academic journey. Also, it enables the participants to share and disseminate new knowledge through various activities where the committee plays a crucial role. This includes the development and implementation of policy and procedure, the funding of research projects, and the infusion of research into the syllabi of courses where appropriate.

Academic Integrity and Research Ethics Review Committee

The functioning of the Committee is divided into two major activities, viz. Academic Integrity and Research Ethics Review. With reference to Academic Integrity, purpose of the Committee is to oversee implementation of the Academic Integrity policy of Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) and ensure compliance to the policy by Faculty Members, Administrators and Students. With reference to research ethics, the purpose of the Committee is to serve as an independent reviewer, ensuring that international and national ethical standards in conducting research particularly areas that involve human subjects are observed and complied with international Human Resources Law in designing questionnaires as primary research that involved with human subjects.

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