As the country’s first full-fledged privately owned college, Modern College of Business & Science (MCBS) in Oman opened its doors to 56 students offering an associate degree. Today, the campus enrolls more than 3000 students with several options from undergraduate to postgraduate programs as well as BTEC and other educational services.

For a young modern Oman with over 50 years of renaissance, this pioneering college of 27 plus years continues to pave the way in higher education. When the government of Oman granted an approval to establish the college in 1996, it entrusted the leadership of the College to uphold its mission as outlined in the original plan. That mission has been upheld for under three decades by 7 deans; countless administrators, faculty, and staff; and numerous trustees who have served on the MCBS College Board.

Today, MCBS’s founder Executive Chairman Dr. Muneer Al Maskari, supported by Dean and the senior leadership, works together with the Board of Governance to uphold the mission of the College and to plan and implement its long-term academic, financial, and sustainability initiatives.