About the PhD

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a globally recognized graduate research degree and the highest academic degree you can achieve. As a doctoral candidate, you will undertake four years of research.

At MCBS the program is divided into two parts, namely first, the foundation phase course work and second the research phase. The foundation phase consists of course work and on successful completion of foundation phase, the student will continue to the research phase.

This program is intended for individuals in government or industry who would like to grow in their understanding of conceptual and empirical research methodologies as they apply advanced knowledge in a global context and design an original, substantive research project. The program also prepares students for academic careers. It is intended for faculty members in business schools who do not have a PhD but are interested in a research based doctoral degree.The students will expand their vision with distinct sphere of expertise, groundbreaking practices and position themselves as competent academicians, global researchers, executive leadership role, leading institutions, and industry.

Why PhD at Modern College of Business & Science?

Excellence in Higher Education

MCBS continues to be a leader in business education. With our unmatched range of programs and faculty expertise, MCBS will provide you the tools and knowledge you will need to make an impact on the world around you.

Learning Outcomes

To develop leaders and scholars with expertise in subject matter under supervision of experienced researchers that will build the following:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and competencies in a major field of study in business.
  • Integrate academic visions with contemporary real-world business challenges.
  • Explore the possibilities of developing a knowledge-based society.
  • Establish the value of empirical research with groundbreaking research methods.
  • Publish research findings in higher indexed international journals.

Program core competencies

On successful completion of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration program from MCBS, graduates would acquire the following competencies:

Deep Knowledge in the Specialized subject area:

As students’ progress through their doctoral studies, they will develop deep expertise in their chosen specialized field through coursework, and, most importantly, their original research contributions in the form of a dissertation. The research conducted during the Ph.D. program contributes to expanding the knowledge base in their specialized area and advancing the field of business administration.

Analytical and Critical Thinking:
The PhD graduate will be able to attribute complex nature of information, data or problem in simpler elements related to their topic of study and develop the ability to easily analyze the information and offer appropriate explanation.

Statistical Competence:
Graduates will be equipped with knowledge and skills in statistical applications in research in social science as descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression ANOVA, and chi-square test etc.,.

Communication Competence:
Graduates will develop exceptional skills in presenting information, thoughts, ideas, clearly and concisely. Appropriate word choices and information flow are also essential parts of communication competence.

Computing Competence:
Graduates will enhance their knowledge of computer applications in business and hands-on experience in handling basic computer programs to formulate business problems for drawing appropriate solutions.

These competencies are developed throughout the duration of the Ph.D. program, culminating in the completion of an original research dissertation. By the time they graduate, Ph.D. graduates are well-prepared to make significant contributions to academia, industry, and society through their research and leadership skills.

How we support you

Doctoral Development

The college offers a comprehensive range of services to support doctoral candidate from in person assistance/workshops, online learning and a range of resources and unique opportunities to help you refine your skills and employability.

Dedicated Advice
Teams of expert advisors provide support throughout your studies. Once enrolled, the Graduate Admissions Department will be able to answer all your queries about the program. Please contact:

Preparing to apply

For acceptance to the program you must demonstrate an ability to research independently and possess a high level of theoretical understanding.

English Language Proficiency

Candidates should obtain an IELTS test minimum score – 6.0 overall, or equivalent international test recognized by Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. We do not accept English proficiency test scores more than 2 years old.

You can arrange to take the IELTS on the ground floor of our main campus, provided by The Academy. To learn more, visit or contact +968-24 583575

Admission Requirements

To get enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program the candidate should have:

  • Earned a master’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university/institution with a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale and a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Candidate should have one of previous qualifications in business/management related field, or demonstrate managerial/supervisory/business administration experience, or candidate will be required to complete 3-4 courses in business/management field
  • Submit Statement of Purpose: between 1000 words and maximum 1500 words
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Admission Interview

PhD Business Management Program Specification

PhD RequirementsCredit Hours
Graded Coursework: Mandatory Courses27 CR
Graded Coursework: Elective Courses9 CR
Graded Coursework: Research Methods9 CR
Comprehensive Qualifying Exam0 CR
Thesis/Dissertation Proposal3 CR
Collaborative Research and Publications3 CR
Thesis/Dissertation39 CR
Total90 CR

Career Opportunities

The program aims to prepare graduates with broad and deep knowledge and skills in key business and management areas, as well as research and critical thinking skills, to assume leadership careers in business and public organizations.

A PhD in business administration is also regarded as the minimum expected academic qualification for teaching at higher educational institutions worldwide.