Oman- MCBS students return as winners from 8th National Business Meet

Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) students won three prizes in competition in the 8th National Business Meet recently organised by Middle East College.

Six teams from MCBS participated in various competitions, where the students acquired the second place on the Supply Chain & Logistics Competition and the second and third place on the Human Resources (HR) Quiz Competition, respectively. The teams were trained and supervised by Raihan Taqui Syed, eng Kotait and Hilal.

Supply Chain & Logistics Competition team members were Dhiya Ali Mohamed Jawad, Shaimaa Mohammed Hamed al Harthi, Marwa Mohamed Nasser al Rahbi, Maliha Ahmed Saleh and Aya Salim Mubarak al Souli.

HR Quiz second place team members included Sabra Saud Mohammed al Tiwaniy, Manar Mohamed Said al Baddaii, Hanan al Balushi, Fatma Badar Hilal al Khalili and Ahmed Majid Rashid al Alawi. HR Quiz third place team members included Aaya Sultan Sulaiman al Mahrouqi, Alaa Sultan Sulaiman al Mahrouqi, Samah Mohamed Sulaiman al Sulaimi, Eiman Abdullah Mohammed al Tuwejri and Masaad Salum Ali Khamis. The college proudly congratulated the students and faculty members.

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