Oman- MCBS holds Annual International Festival

Bringing diverse cultures and perceptions together, the International Club with their advisor Aleksandra Minic at the Modern College of Business & Science (MCBS) recently held the second annual International Festival at the college campus.

The theme of the festival was in-line with the international club slogan ‘Together We Are One’.

Pavilions exhibiting the art, culture, cuisine and heritage of as many as 16 countries were set up at the venue as part of the festival, inaugurated by Prof Ahmed al Naamany, dean of Modern College.

Addressing the gathering that included luminaries from various walks of life, Prof Naamany appreciated the efforts of the club to showcase diverse cultures and traditions in the world, thereby developing an accepting, caring and inclusive world view among students.’We want to expand the scope and content of the festival from next year onwards and host the festival on a much grander scale with the participation of all colleges and universities in the sultanate,’ he said. Various events were held on the occasion including Egyptian song and dance, Omani Razfa, poem recital, Libyan drama, Tunisian, Ukrainian and Tanzanian songs, Indian, Iraqi and Yemeni dances, Lebanese Dabka and Moroccan henna night. A special traditional fashion show was also organised, which showcased the amazing sartorial heritage of various communities and nations.

According to the organisers, the festival was an attempt at celebrating the diversity of cultures as represented by the students of Modern College who belong to various nationalities, providing a welcoming opportunity for them to know each other and the unique culture and heritage they inherit.Winners were presented with prizes in different categories: Egypt – best decoration, Tanzania – the most informative, India – best performance, Tunisia -most united, Libya – most environmentalist and Yemen – most authentic.

Oman- MCBS holds annual International Festival | MENAFN.COM

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