MCBS signs an agreement with MoE

As part of implementation of its strategy (2021-2025) aimed at expanding its operations and extending its services to additional social segments, the Modern College of Business and Science signed with the Ministry of Education an agreement to implement two academic specializations from the BTEC system in a number of government schools, namely: BTEC Business and BTEC Information. The agreement was signed by Dr. Munir bin Mohammed Al Maskari, CEO of the college, and by Her Excellency Dr. Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shaibaniya, Minister of Education.

The Ministry of Education’s decision to enter into this agreement with the college comes as a result of evaluating a number of proposals submitted by various educational and training institutions providing specialized technical education at the post-basic education level in the Sultanate. MCBS’s proposal received Ministry’s approval due to its relatively long experience in offering (BTEC) programs, due to the maturity of its practices in this aspect, due to the increasing body of its BTEC graduates since 2014, and due to the level of its technical team and its logistical capabilities, in addition to other criteria that the Ministry took into account in its decision. 

Under this agreement, the college team for the (BTEC) program will work side by side with the Ministry of Education team, starting from the current academic year, to implement the two specializations of the (BTEC) system in four government schools in the governorates of Muscat and North Al Batinah for males and females. The initiative comes as part of a project to diversify post-basic education paths in the Sultanate and to focus on the practical component of school education. The ultimate goal is to expand students’ opportunities and future prospects after school education. As is known, the international (BTEC) system is based on achieving balance between preparing students to continue their studies and preparing them to join the labor market at the same time, which is the principle that the Sultanate’s government seeks to fulfill according to its future vision, Oman 2040.
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