Industry Visit to “DHL Worldwide Express & Company, Muscat”

The site visit was organized to provide MCBS Students of Transport and Logistics with practical insights into the operations of DHL, a global leader in logistics and courier services. The visit aimed to enhance students’ understanding of various aspects of the logistics industry, from warehousing and distribution to international shipping.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Masood Al Balushi, the Security/Logistics Manager at DHL, for generously dedicating his time and expertise to guiding our students through the workings of logistics operations.

Special thanks to Mr. Moustafa Osman, Country Manager-DHL, for providing us with the invaluable opportunity to visit and explore the DHL facility.

Covered Areas:

Warehousing and Distribution: Students gained insights into the organization and efficient distribution of goods within the DHL facility. The visit helped them understand the importance of systematic storage and organization in the logistics process.

Last Mile Delivery Operations
: The site visit included a comprehensive overview of DHL’s last-mile delivery operations. Students witnessed firsthand how DHL ensures timely and accurate deliveries to meet customer expectations.

International Shipping: The international shipping segment of the visit provided students with an understanding of the complex processes involved in cross-border logistics. They learned about customs procedures, documentation, and coordination required for seamless international shipments.

Quality Control and Assurance: Students were introduced to DHL’s stringent quality control measures. The session covered how DHL maintains high standards to ensure the safe handling of goods and minimize defects during the logistics process.

The site visit to DHL proved to be an enriching experience for MCBS Students of Transportation, Logistics & Safety Management. The practical exposure to key logistics operations and the guidance provided by Mr. Masood Al Balushi contributed significantly to their understanding of real-world logistics challenges and solutions.

Resource person: Mr. Masood Al Balushi
Affiliation/Position: Security, Logistics Manager
Date: 15th Nov. 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 02:00 – 05:00 PM
Organized by: Dr. Saurav Negi
Department: Transportation, Logistics & Safety Management, Business and Economics, Modern College of Business and Science

Industry Visit to “DHL Worldwide Express & Company, Muscat” – Times of Oman

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