Dr. Moosa Al Kindi participates in a symposium on The roles of HEIs in community service and the transition to a knowledge society

In the presence of Her Excellency Prof. Rahma Ibrahim Al-Mahrouqi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Musa bin Abdullah Al-Kindi, Dean of the Modern College of Business and Science, participated this morning in a symposium organized by the Ministry on the roles of private higher education institutions in community service and the transition to a knowledge-based society, with wide participation of HEIs and a number of leading commercial institutions in the field of community service and the Endowment Foundation for the Support of Education (Siraj).

The program of the symposium, after its inauguration with the national anthem and the Holy Qur’an, included the speech of Her Excellency the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, in which she referred to the importance science in social development, and in developing knowledge economy. In addition, H.E referred to the central role of HEIs in knowledge production and community service as an integral functions of higher education institutions, and as essential channels of learning, skills building and linking the learner to society. Finally, H.E shared with the audience figures reflecting the size of social services carried out by HEIs in Oman and their impact on improving Oman’s global indicators.

The program also included a review of the experiences of a number of private higher education institutions, commercial institutions, and the Endowment Foundation for Education Support (Siraj) in organizing and implementing community service programs in the Sultanate and their impact on community development. To link these efforts to the Oman Vision 2040, the Vision Implementation Follow-up Unit presented a paper entitled (Service community and its role in achieving the goals of Oman Vision 2040).

At the end of the symposium, the Dean of the College signed with Her Excellency Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation an appendix to the scholarships agreement through which MCBS provides the Ministry with scholarships for the benefit of needy students, so that they can continue their studies as part of the college’s integrated plan for community service. It should be noted here that the college pays special attention to community service and views it as an integral part of its academic mission. Its programs and activities are supervised and planned by the Community Engagement and Outreach Committee headed by the Assistant Dean for Community Outreach, which is one of the main permanent committees of the college.


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