Deputy Executive Chairman

Professor Ahmed Al Naamani
Deputy Executive Chairman

Professor Ahmed Al Naamany is Professor in Information Communication Technology. He started his academic career at Sultan Qaboos University and latter at Arab Open University where he was Vice Rector for Educational and Information Technology. Professor Al Naamani was the fifth Dean of MCBS (2012-2019 and

Currently he is the Deputy Executive Chairman of Modern College of Business and Science and Managing Director of Global Computer Services.

He attained a Ph.D. from University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology, UK, 1995; a M.Sc. (EE-Computer Controls) from Drexel University (United States) 1990; a B.Sc. (Multi-Disciplinary Engineering) from Widener University, 1986; and a B.Sc. (EE) (Widener University, 1986, with Honors).

Dr. Naamani has contributed to more than 60 Conference and Journal papers as well as patent. He is a member of IEEE Computer and Control Societies. He lectured on Computer Architecture, Computer Control, Computer Networks and Artificial Intelligence Applications. Professor Al-Naamany is also a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship.