BSBA Finance


The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the pathway to Finance equips students with a strong foundation in business administration principles and specialized knowledge in finance.

This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles, corporate finance, investment strategies, risk management, and financial decision-making in various business contexts.

Students learn to create financial plans, forecast future financial performance, evaluate investment opportunities, conduct risk assessments, and construct investment portfolios.

Students also gain a broad understanding of business principles and practices, including marketing, operations, strategic management, and organizational behavior, to develop a holistic perspective on business operations.

Admission Criteria
  • A recognized general education diploma or its equivalent
  • Students joining MCBS must go through an English placement test to determine the appropriate English level
  • Students presenting a valid score of 5-5.5 in IELTS or 65-79 in internet based TOEFL (iBT) are exempted from the English program
  • Students will need to go through Mathematics and IT placements tests to determine their levels of proficiency in these subjects as they are part of the GFP or possible exemption
  • Mathematics placements tests will determine whether Basic Mathematics (MATH 10) and Pure Mathematics (MATH 21) can be exempted, or students will be given both or one of them
  • IT placement test will determine whether students will require to take the Information Technology foundation course (COSC 10)
Program Structure

Duration: Bachelor’s degree requires about 8 semesters or 4 years

Program delivery: 12-15 credits per normal semester and 6 credits per summer semester

Internship: Placement on a 3-month internship

Courses: Apart from courses closely related to the program, students take general education courses.

Core Courses27
Communication skills09
Social Sciences18
Math/Computer skills09
Natural Science03
Non-Business Electives09
General Business requirements33

Core Courses (27 Credits)

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
FIN 204Financial Management3
FIN 334Investments3
FIN 337Principles of Real Estate3
FIN 338Practice Of Personal Financial Planning3
FIN 350Financial Policies3
FIN 356Commercial Bank Management3
FIN 380International Financial Management3
FIN 360Principles of Insurance3
BUS 250Business Statistics3

Career Opportunities

The program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in financial institutions, investment firms, corporate finance departments, or financial consulting.

Some common career paths include:

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Investment Analyst
  3. Financial Planner
  4. Risk Analyst
  5. Portfolio Manager
  6. Financial Consultant
  7. Corporate Financial Analyst
  8. Banking Officer
  9. Treasury Analyst
  10. Insurance Specialist
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Required English Prerequisites

Department Contact

Contact Program Chair Dr. Rene Paquibut for more information.