A Creative Workshop for Building a Better Team


By: Helen Sayers - Oasis Oman

For: Administrative Staff

Monday May 27, 2013: 3rd Floor Lecture Hall Room F3007

Morning session: 8:30 – 12:30

  1. Setting the context: What is Ubuntu and why is it relevant to us as individuals, in the workplace, and in our communities? Presentation and discussion.
  2. ‘Visiting cards’ – an activity to help participants to recognize their own qualities, to appreciate qualities in others, and to generate a climate of friendship.
  3. ‘Personal Ubuntu Tree’ – to develop creative thinking and self-empowerment, and to recognize the important role that values play in determining the quality of our relationships and in guiding our personal goals and achievements.
  4. Values of our community, culture and country – a reflection to identify and acknowledge the values that exist across different groups – both specific and universal.
  5. A new approach to Communication Skills - light-hearted activities to identify attitudes that build or sabotage good communication; and to develop intuition, empathy and integrity in our interactions.

Afternoon session: 14:00 – 15:30

  1. ‘Creative constructions’ - a dynamic activity to encourage, consensus building, resourcefulness, cooperation and responsibility.
  2. Integrating Ubuntu in the real world – an overview of the challenges that we face and which face others in our workplace. Drawing on Ubuntu to overcome obstacles and envisage new possibilities, solutions and strategies for authentic and harmonious living.
  3. ‘Ubuntu calendar’ – a long-term focus / vision for the year, using different values as a guide or compass to implement our goals each month.
  4. Feedback, and reflecting on the way forward.
  5. ‘Closing ceremony’ – an interactive exercise to cement relationships, create unity and express mutual appreciation.