Cyber Forensics & the 5th Industrial Revolution

Date of Event: 4th March 2020, Wednesday

Location of Event: MCBS Seminar Room, 1st floor

Number of attendances: 30 students

Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nasser Al Azwani (Head, Systems Security and Adminstration SQUH)

The Information Security Club hosted a workshop with guest speaker, Dr Nasser Al Azwani, Dr. Nasser holds a PhD from City, University of London in the field of Cyber Security. MSc from Liverpool University and Diploma from Nizwa College of Technology. He is the head of systems security and administrations at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital. Cyber Deterrence: strategies for discouraging attacks including research issues around attack attribution and coalition strategies.

The workshop was open to all MCBS students, faculty and staff. The guest speaker began his lecture by addressing the audience with definitions and the importance of cyber forensics in this technological era. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of his chosen topics. Dr. Nasser stated that “cyber forensics is correlated to national security of a country”. He also explained the key principles of the 5th Industrial Revolution which included “mass customization, cultural collaboration and cyber physical systems”.

The total duration of the workshop was an hour and half, starting from 3:30 to 5:00. The workshop was very informative and showed an insight to the new technological developments of the 5th industrial revolution. Towards the end of the presentation Dr. Nasser shared his input and opinions of the needed optimization for the future. He also shared the top ten skills that characterize future employees and students, which include “critical thinking, cognitive flexibility and coordinating with others”. The speaker was later awarded with a token of appreciation and certificate for his attendance.