Hacking Workshop

Date of Event: 26th February 2020, Wednesday

Location of Event: MCBS Room 4021, 4th floor

Number of attendances: 40 students

Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Speakers: MCBS Students - Al Waleed Al Abri, Abdulbasit Al Balushi & Sulaiman Al Mahroqi

On February 26th 2020, the Information Security Club conducted a ‘Hacking Workshop’ which focused on critical topics of ‘Sniffing’, ‘Session Hijacking’ and ‘SQL Injection’. The workshop was open to all MCBS students and approximately 40 students attended. During the workshop, the speakers gave practical examples of each topic discussed, as well as a powerpoint presentation. The President of Information Security Club introduced the workshop and welcomed the speakers to the event.

The presenting speakers were MCBS students, Al Waleed Al Abri, Abdulbasit Al Balushi and Sulaiman Al Mahroqi presenting on the topics of ‘Sniffing’, ‘Session Hijacking’ and ‘SQL Injection’ respectively. They addressed the audience as “fellow ethical hackers” as they showed practical implementations of each topic. The practical aspects of the topics were shown by using tools of Kali Linux on a virtual space to illustrate the implementation to the audience.

The workshop lasted 90 minutes and there was a session for discussion and questions at the end of the workshop. The speakers had an in-depth discussion of session hijacking with a member of the audience who was a Master degree student. They also received a few queries on the practical implications that were shown and further discussed related topics such as “Spoofing”.

The workshop was a way to share useful skills in cyber security between fellow students and to share the enrichment of knowledge. For many students it was also eye opening to learn many new skills. The workshop helped create a new platform of sharing knowledge that was beneficial for the students to get a hands-on experience of cyber security topics.