MCBS English Summer School – learning and fun experience

For over 20 years now, Modern College of Business and Science has been changing the business environment by being an educational institution that encourages a new age of leaders.
For the third time this summer, MCBS opens its doors to the youngest members of the community.

English Summer School has been preparing young generations for the new roles and upcoming challenges of adult, professional life. This program has now been recognized by hundreds of parents and students thanks to it being based on international standards of learning. The students especially enjoy the extra-curricular activities, such as themed door decoration project.

English Summer School focuses on all four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking with the focus on the demands of a specific level of the children as well as their age. The students are divided into groups according to their levels and age which means that the students will not only be studying with their peers, but their levels of English will also be similar. The program is taught by highly qualified and experienced international teachers. Learning through tasks and games is the main method of teaching while the classes are completely student – centered. 

In addition, the program focuses on developing team building, critical thinking, time management skills as well as cultural awareness. All these can benefit the development of young people’s sense of responsibility and help students feel comfortable in any multicultural environment. The classes will take place and MCBS premises from July 8th until August 23rd. The enrolment has started. For more information and registration call 24583 510 and 24583 525.