In view of keeping abreast with the latest techniques and trends in mobile apps development

In view of keeping abreast with the latest techniques and trends in mobile apps development, Modern College of Business and Science organized a National Level, one day workshop, on Sunday, 22nd April, 2018, for the students from various schools in Oman.

The program was chaired by Dr. Basant Kumar, an Asst. Professor of Computer Science, as well as a current Subject Matter Expert of CompTIA, USA and professional Ambassador of Oman CERT.

Dr. Khalfan Rashid Al Asmi, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (Modern College of Business & Science) emphasized the mobility in education, businesses, and healthcare with an emphatic statistical report which suggested these mobile apps will play a major role in reshaping the future.

During the keynote speech, Mr. Prasanna J Venkatesh Solution Consultant, HCL Technologies Limited, showcased the vision for a more global model of innovation with the adoption of the latest technologies and techniques all over the world. He emphasized why mobile apps are very important in today's business environment in the Sultanate of Oman.

Mr. Mallikarjuna Jana, Senior Technical Consultant - ITA SAS for the Mobile Application Development Center – Sultanate of Oman, conducted a technical session on Android Studio to develop a mobile app and concluded with a swift of questionnaires.

Dr. Basant Kumar, Program Chair, Information Security Club (Modern College of Business & Sc.), said that around 50 students attended the workshop.  He added that “We are very encouraged by the level of attendance and engagement during the event”.  Modern College of Business & Science is very appreciative of the information and views which are gathered through feedback from participants.

Dr. Basant also pointed out that “professionals from across the industry visit our campus to train our teachers and students in the latest emerging trends in technological practices,”