Practical approaches involving SCRUM Framework

On the 28th of March, a workshop on “Practical approaches involving SCRUM Framework” was held for The Research Council (TRC), Oman, at its headquarters. It was delivered by Dr. Smiju Sudevan, Faculty in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics from our College.

The audience consisted of the core TRC project team comprised of 25 members. The workshop focused on the evolutionary progress of various derivatives of Agile Methodologies and how various Scrum techniques have helped in managing software development in various software projects. Emphasis was put on how imperative it is to move scrum outside of offices into the classrooms, and to help in accomplishing other tasks in daily life.

The importance of value driven development underscored by utilizing scrum was practically demonstrated to the audience. It was shown how, by sprint implementation, scrum had enhanced agile driven iterative development. The different characteristics and roles of a good scrum team were discussed in detail. In the same way, scrum lifecycles, scrum events and artifacts were also dealt with in detail. Last, but not least, it was practically demonstrated on how to prepare a product backlog and sprint backlog. The session was very interactive throughout, accompanied by a question and answer session in the end.