MCBS hosted Grades 11 and 12 students from Azzan Bin Qais International School

On Tuesday 13th February 2018, MCBS hosted Grades 11 and 12 students from Azzan Bin Qais International School. The students were introduced to all undergraduate programs offered by Modern College. Faculty members, Deputy Heads of Departments and staff presented different degrees and majors, with their advantages, employment opportunities, perspective carriers and important skills and knowledge to be gained within respective academic course. Other services like English Summer School, BTEC and IATA programs were also introduced.

The event was hosted by a team of faculty members lead by Dr. Anna Stalinska, Acting Head of Marketing Department with assistance of interns and students of MCBS.
The event was interactive and entertaining: each presenter found his/her own way to attract pupils to the respective major and got positive feedback from the audience. A team of Commercial Law department demonstrated Judge' gown and wig while describing activities that CL students practice during their study, such as moot court.  In his speech, Dr. Dan Wong focused on the diversity of insightful jobs around the world for the graduates of the Airport and Aviation Management programs. Mr. Ian Phillips highlighted the importance and growing demand for managers in the field of Health and Safety in all industries and all types of business organizations.

Ms. Aleksandra Minic discussed the advantages of BTEC programs and invited the students to enroll in English Summer School which will take place in July/August 2018.
At the end of the visit, MCBS students took the young visitors on a tour around the campus and addressed their questions.

MCBS family is looking forward to meeting many more pupils form different schools, local and international, private and public, and welcome them to the college. On February 28th, MCBS hosts a public Open Day, giving the opportunity to the members of Omani society to get to know MCBS, its services and advantages.