MCBS faculty conducts Workshop for Indian School Darsait

Indian School Darsait has invited Dr.Venkat Thumiki, Assistant Professor in Department of Business & Economics to  conduct workshop on ‘Contemporary techniques of dealing with students and parents’ for their teachers, as a part of their Faculty Development Program.

More than 150 teachers of the school’s higher and primary sections attended the session conducted on 13th January, 2018, 9 am to 12 noon. The session was interactive along with exercises. The feedback was overwhelming and encouraging. MCBS encourages it faculty members in community outreach.

  • Learning outcomes of the workshop:
    • Learn workable communication techniques while communicating with parents and students.
    • Identify student learning methods and use suitable teaching methodology for enhanced learning experience of their students.
    • Understand the combined effect of behavioural and capability aspects among their students and devise appropriate teaching techniques.
  • Main topics covered: Modern communication techniques and student-based teaching techniques
  • Main challenges discussed:
    • How to effectively interact with students inside the classroom and with parents in the parent-teacher interaction.
    • How to design effective teaching methods according to the learning styles of their students.