The Oracle, the General Education Department's first newsletter


  • Editors’ Note
  • Online Education & Educational Communities!
  • Ethics in the Online Teaching and Learning Environment
  • Online Assessment Tools
  • Importance of Mental health to Students and Teachers During Covid-19 Pandemic
  • What do highly effective teachers do in virtual classrooms?
  • Thinking reflexively about the shift of classroom dialogue on a digital platform
  • 3 Observations on the plagiarism situation after 9 months online
  • Ethos- Pathos- Logos and Online Learning: Aristotle’s Legacy...Continues..
  • Students’ Voices
  • World Arabic Language Day
  • Webinar Held by the Arabic Literature Club Titled: Language, Identity, and Creating Content

Editors’ Note

On behalf of our colleagues, and with great pleasure, we would like to welcome you to the department’s first issue of The Oracle, the General Education’s first ever newsletter!