MCBS opens the doors for new initiatives with Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.

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Franklin University Team which includes President, Prof. David Decker and Vice President of Global Programs, Dr. Godfrey Mendes meet with Prof. Ahmed Al Naamany, Dean of the Modern College and with the Management Team of Modern College of Business and Science.

After the successful launch of the MBA Program with specializations in Finance and Human Resources, it was announced that MCBS-Franklin University MBA program has recently enrolled several new cohorts that include candidates from key private and public sectors. The success stories of the first batch of graduated students and the success of the currently enrolled students has impacted the market and catapulted the program, leading to prospective students seeking to enroll in the program.

MBA degree is widely known to be useful in virtually every field of work and is equally important for people who wish to start their own businesses. Most graduates with an MBA are successful in getting promotion or better career opportunities.

As a first step, both institutions are planning to design an approach to provide a better MBA curriculum, one which is engaging, interactive, and relevant to the specific job tasks and responsibilities of each intended academic program. The effort is to get the students to be job ready, after they complete their academic program. Also, this meeting is intended to discuss learning support devices, including methodology, demonstrations, examples, tools, business stories, and reference materials, that help the students to work through each scenario.

Franklin University and Modern College of Business and Science have agreed to jointly cooperate in knowledge sharing in terms of e-learning initiatives and research projects which will contribute to the field of business, learning pedagogy and information technology. This will offer new research and development opportunities and increase Modern College research capacity enabling integrating new know-how to the teaching of both graduate and undergraduate programs.

The importance of the visit by Franklin University President is based on the need to increase collaboration and exchange of know how among the two institutions and cooperation to further share technology and academic best practices. Modern College expects that this will enable it to shape future business leaders to meet the demands of the growing business opportunities in Oman.

This meeting will also explore the possibility of students of MCBS and Franklin University to have student exchange programs.

Franklin University’s MBA program has been reviewed and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HCL) and is authorized by the regional accrediting body, The Ministry of Higher Education in The Sultanate of Oman to be offered at Modern College of Business and Science.

Additionally, Franklin University maintains specialized accreditation for programs in the College of Business, including the MBA, with the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Accreditation (IACBE). This accreditation extends to the MBA program offered in partnership with the Modern College of Business and Science in Muscat, Oman.

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