Workshop for all on effective advising of the college to prepare calendar of 2016/ 2017 and knowledge , so they are up to date with college's strategic objectives / perspectives…
ISACA Muscat chapter in its drive to help its members and academic community to remain abreast with the developments in the ever changing IT field, keeps conducting CPE sessions on…
As a part of action plan of the Ethical and Disciplinary Committee to promote the code of ethics of the college and to increase awareness among employees.
A seminar in Arabic given on behalf of the Ministry of Health. It will discuss hereditary blood diseases and pre-marital blood testing.
Dr Lee Chu Keong from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore will speak on the topic 'Two Secrets of Education'
E&Y student excellence award
The seminar will introduce students to the basic of Robotics
Workshop on Transport and Logistics by Prof. Smith
Oman society of Engineering Seminar
A Gateway To Your Career 2-3 May, 2016 | Oman Tourism College