A presentation on Software Methodologies for MCBS Master's degree students

A presentation on Software Methodologies for MCBS Master’s degree students given by an eminent Software Professional Mangal S.S and chaired by Dr.Smiju Sudevan from the Department of Computer Science was held on 14th February at Modern College of Business and Science. Being an experienced software professional for the past 12 years, Mr. Mangal is currently a project manager and solution architect for the only electricity utility in Sultanate of Oman.

The presenter spoke about the current situation and conditions in the software industry. This was followed by him elucidating the real-time experiences in the working environment of the software industries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  An interactive session followed during which the masters students and the guest engaged in lively  discussions. A lot of queries regarding the present situation of the software projects in Oman were answered by Mr. Mangal. This knowledge will help the master students have an overview before selecting the capstone projects for their program.

It was a privilege to have Mr. Mangal share his world-wide professional experience with our students.