Muntaha AL-Habsi

  • Degree: Bachelor.
  • Specialization: Business Administration-Accounting

Muntaha AL-Habsi is a 24 years old student at Modern College of Business & Science where she is pursuing a degree in accounting. Besides her studies, she is involved in her own business of making cakes and other different types of sweets.

Muntaha decided to study Accounting at MCBS because she is passionately interested in the field and desires to elevate her skills in accounting to help her better manage her business as well. She attests that many courses offered at the college have supported and helped her to better grasp, manage and control the course of her business and in making it a success. She has been involved in her business for quite a while now; however, she was not ready to expand yet. Nevertheless, because of being exposed to various business-related knowledge through the courses she took at the college which expanded her horizon regarding the business world, she was able to take studied decisions concerning her business growth and expansion.

Time management was another skill that she has improved at ever since she joined MCBS. She had to discipline herself to dedicate time to her own business and adhere to the fixed schedules of the college. This, of course, was possible for flexibility in scheduling and students’ ability to choose class timing is possible at MCBS.

Her struggle was to find the perfect mix where she could successfully complete her degree and keep her business running simultaneously. Thus, despite the flexibility in scheduling courses, she still had to reduce the number of orders she takes from her customers. It’s a sacrifice she is willingly making to focus on her studies on the promise to use the gained knowledge in her business expansion later on.