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A master’s degree at Franklin University challenges you on a higher level of learning and thinking. It also gives you a higher level of reward and satisfaction. You’ll gain more confidence to get promoted and stay ahead.

Our courses are reviewed and evaluated by industry leaders and alumni each year. Franklin’s coursework blends long-standing theories and real-world applications together, while bringing in the latest trends, technologies, and processes. The results create relevant applications to current practices you can take directly to work from the start of your program.

Classroom Foundation

Our graduate programs’ learning environment is unique. You’ll share the classroom with professionals, with diverse backgrounds from all over, with one common goal in mind: getting ahead. Add to that the skilled professors who bring a wealth of information, through their own academic credentials, as well as their hands-on experience. It’s a foundation for success.

The coursework has added relevance when you can see how it’s applied in business. There are discussions, not lectures, which take your learning to a higher level. You’ll gain new perspective and focus in the industry.

Online Connections

The use of technology has a long history of success at Franklin University. We’ve been able to use technology to provide a learning environment that mimics that of the classroom.

The use of visual and audio tools allows you to engage in conversations with your fellow classmates and professors, making more personal connections. You acquire a new level of knowledge and strengthen core communication skills through the course interactions.

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