Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science

The Associate Degree Program in Computer Science deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of computers and computer applications and hardware. Students can use this knowledge to develop computer applications, create databases to store and manage large volumes of data, and design small networks. The curriculum covers Programming, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Database Systems, Data Communications and Computer Architecture.
The Associate Degree in Computer Science is a focused Degree which requires 60 credit hours of study.  Usually students are able to complete the Degree in two years or four academic semesters.

The Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science consists of:

  • Communication Requirements (6 Credits)                                       
  • Humanities /Social Sciences Requirements     (9 Credits)
  • Mathematics Requirements (11Credits)
  • Computer Science Core Components (21 Credits)
  • Computer Science Electives (9 Credits)
  • Related Area Requirements (4 Credits)